Sunday, 29 March 2009

home is where the art is

So much to do, so much to say. At time of writing I am sat in my comfy chair, in front of a lit fire, that is the swivel chair with arms. Ikea, found outside down the road. Upholstered by moi (pretentious french designer), sat on for many an hour, and many more will follow.

Paul, what's all this about? You bought me here to say that? You're talking about a chair for goodness sake.
Bear with me, its not just bad furniture I want to talk about, its my immediate surroundings, my bedroom/kitchen/livingroom/studio/workshop. In other words my home/bedsit/castle. We all have them, its nothing to be ashamed of.

I live in a 4×5m room, with a little kitchenette in an alcove. Its in a usual hovey terraced road, a lovely road, a road where you drop a penny and find a pound. Obviously its a building like yours and countless others I've lived in. I have a couple of desks that I alternately use, a big bunch of records, a crappy stereo and a bed. Best of all I have a beautiful fireplace and sash windows. Sashes are expensive. It costs me money just to have sash windows, but they're worth it.

I spend far too much time here in isolation, but having an environment that suits you is hard to find, and your own company hour after hour is at times lonesome and tedious. When I moved out of the flat I shared with my partner, hannah, I left behind a well decorated comfy warm domestic paradise. It was safe and far cheaper than what I have now, but living in what some consider reduced circumstances enables me to just create. That is all I wanna do. Make stuff, all guitar shaped and otherwise. Stuff, well built and built by me.

In my home I have comfy chair, and not so comfy chair, but the latter can go up a lot and its spinning action is great. I only mention this not to make you feel bad for my lack of sofa, but to paint a picture more of the person who tweets shite and who you chat with. Lack of sofa and creature comforts like tv are all deliberate. I may be right I may be wrong, but I'm perfectly willing to say that I like living in what I feel is an antiquated life. It is simple. Modern life now and modern life then is not so simple. For now ta ta x

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  1. When I was at the BBC, it was often the case that the very best programmes came out of the most cramped & old fashioned offices.

    If you are happy to be where you are then it is EXACTLY the right place to be (and it shows in your writing).