Monday, 20 April 2009

life on other planets

Its been a little while, a week on twitter with its dramas, ups, downs and sideways can feel like a longer amount of time than a week. Recently I've had to confront those little twats and detractors in my head, the ones that have been mocking my performances at work, even when I've only had a couple of hours on twitter in a day, and have completed a few tasks that take a lot of concentration.....still those monotoned 'wipes in the matter drone on....."you could have done this..." . . ."if you do this job today, it will allow you to do that job tomorrow"...."so on and so forth"

I'm not grumbling in any spectacular fashion, from one angle or another I'm not even grumbling in the slightest, I love my twitter friends, they are, simply put, some of the nicest, cleverest, funniest and quirky people I've met in years.

Again this isn't disdain. I love my job. The pay is non existent, the hours very long, the work fiddly and achesome on the eyes, a mountain of pre thought and a molehill of effort, one neck will have about twenty different processes, and altogether about 60 components eventually becoming the coherent one neck. That is a lot of work, and as I'm discovering there is a specific order for each of these tasks and components.

Component 1.a.ii. Yeah right! Shoot me if I ever get into that one should one should want to know...

The point is, I've become a half decent twitterer, modest numbers, I like it that way. For a while, my work has been really getting in the way of twittering. Bloody work! How dare it. I've been rushing through certain jobs to tweet, some days have gone, sometimes just reading and looking to see who's out there and what they've got to say. This does not get the purfling moulded, shell cut, hearts inlayed or naff all else done. I don't resent the time talking to tweeps, that is what its all about and why I do it.

It ain't the easiest life I could have chosen, most of the time I haven't got a clue. I refuse to read the books on what I do. So that means I have to figure out how it can be done, with what I have, and what I can use. I feel "busy" at the moment, and want to make the most of that, get some momentum going. Sorry for waffling, I can't be arsed to change things or clarify.