Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Hello is surely the best way to start off. I will disclaim the following and let you know I am aiming for barndoor.
Its been an odd day, in a kind of odd way. Have been on some fab painkillers that have an unfortunately giddy side effect, so there will be gaps, casms even where I am relying on you to fill, and failing a good filling, just have a sympathy or two .
So there it begins, twas a wondrous sunny morn, and I have recently been letting myself sit in the sun in my gaff, without feeling pressured to work. It is a cats life for me in the sun, and having a nap in the afternoon to me is living la vida.
Work has had its moments mind, and when the grindstone can take no more of my sizable hooter the results before me are staring to really get somewhere, they aren't just guitars, well they are, whaaa? I spend so long on them that conversations and pet names have long been part of my day, and most days they are what I awake to, have dinner with and say goodnight to. It might sound brushlike and daft, but its the standard of a bygone era that i aspire to.
Historically an eyeblink ago men would spend many years as an apprentice, they would hone their craft, and created wonders that when examined made you think how in gods balls did they do that? I'm not talking only of faberge cream eggs but buildings all around us. Huge projects would commonly have lasted a mans working life, and in many cases generations of the same family would work on the same building, like a cathedral you know what I mean. All without electricity, steam engines and only completed through herioc engineering and meticulous attention to detail. Wonders!
Well that was not what I thought writing a blog entry would be like, and I can't bring myself to apologise any more than I haven't already.

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  1. Paul, This is very good stuff! Bits of you that don't usually show are making fleeting appearances. And that makes for good reading. I particularly like the passion you have for your work and I would like to read more about that. What pet names do you call your works in progress. Come on, write some more!